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Suspects - Series 1-5

Set in London, Suspects focuses on a team of detectives – each with their own distinctive approach to the job of policing. Shot in the style of a fly-on-the-wall documentary, the series is unscripted, with the cast devising their own dialogue based on a detailed plot description. Each episode tells a self-contained crime story and the cases are hard-hitting and contemporary. 

Now in its fifth series, the latest season begins with the shocking murder of D.I. Martha Bellamy. Passionate D.S. Jack Weston reels when he’s confronted with the horror of the crime scene – this is personal for him. Can loyal D.C. Charlie Steele keep Jack under control this time? 

Charismatic D.C.I. Drummond is drafted in to head up the traumatic investigation, alongside uncompromising D.S. Alisha Brooks and street-smart rookie D.C. Gary Roscoe. But one of the detectives has their own personal agenda... what will happen when the other cops discover that they’ve got a rogue officer in their midst? 


"Suspects is in the category of the realistic police procedural. The show it most resembles in tone and style is probably “Law & Order,” but it out-“Law & Order"'s its predecessor. Crime fans who disdain any knowledge of the cops’ personal lives will eat it up’"- New York Times



“Excellent improvised crime drama”  - The Express Saturday Magazine



“Hit police drama Suspects is back with a bang – and a new cast” – The Daily Mail Weekend 



“well regarded, improvised procedural” The Evening Standard 



“Brilliantly Gritty Drama” The 



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