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Crime Stories

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Crime Stories

A busy, urban police station has given a documentary crew free access to follow the work of two plain clothed detectives. The officers are committed, experienced, and they are absolutely the voice of authority.  The crimes are of an “everyday” nature, easily relatable to the audience. Assaults; muggings; theft; burglary: whatever the offence, our viewers feel like it could happen to them or someone they love, or know someone who has been through it.  


Crime Stories is a who-dunnit and a how-dunnit, but most importantly, a why-dunnit. Each crime has a human interest story at its heart, often exploring why good people are driven to do bad things (though there is always a place for the out and out villain on the show).

"Crimewatch meets Prime Suspect in a fascinating look at detective work the unscripted element proves the talents of today’s guest stars" - 

TV Times   


"Could this be the modern-day successor to Crown Court?"- Total TV Guide


"This new daily series livens up a weekday afternoon with a concept that is really quite fresh and exciting"Sunday Express magazine


"If it weren’t for spotting familiar faces .... you’d swear this was a fly-on-the-wall documentary about police procedure rather than a drama. The performances are remarkably natural, while the script sounds improvised"Radio Times